about the fusion


We leave nothing to chance.
When you’re relying on a project to be a success: stirring, emotional, persuasive, life-changing, market defining, you need a partner that stops at nothing to make sure that every single aspect is done to perfection. From the big picture of your overall objectives, to a single aspect, our collective has the strategic strength, breadth of vision and practical knowledge to make sure your objectives are met every step of the way. We believe in a holistic approach to visualizing and realizing your marketing, design, and production goals. Together, we will develop unique, powerful, market defining and remarkable experiences.
We are the agency that caters to the experience generation


From concept to execution and the Fusion between, we design experiences and deliver emotions that produce results.

Fusion is a creative agency with experiential marketing at its core, founded on the belief that strong emotions generated during an experience create longer lasting connections between humans and brands.

Fusion’s in-house experts that include producers, designers, strategists and innovators, work together with a whole brain approach to guide our clients towards the extraordinary.

From livestream to IRL (in real life) experiences and all the content that supports them, Fusion empowers marketers to thrive in a world that constantly evolves.

In its 12 years of existence (since 2010), Fusion has established itself as one of the leading creative and content production companies for Live Streaming in Israel, with a number of prominent clients throughout the world.
The company continues to innovate with the latest and most sophisticated technological equipment and accessories available today since it was established. From its inception, the company has continued to innovate with the latest and most sophisticated technological equipment and accessories available on the market today, allowing it and its clients to take advantage of broadcasting, production, and distribution solutions (robust) anywhere in the world. With the covid-19 crisis as a springboard, the company has been able to offer virtual consulting services to a variety of companies around the world, while at the same time continuing to provide a skilled and professional sub-service to Israeli television channels

Fusion was created from the desire to connect humans to brands through engaging experiences. We strategically integrate best-in-class teams and technology, in an open environment of sustainable collaboration to create for the future. Our whole brain approach empowers our teams and clients to thrive in an ecosystem that’s different from one day to the next.

As we plan for the event, it is important to focus on what message will be conveyed to the viewer/audience. This requires four mental operations:

  • Meet or learn more about the customer 
  • Strive to push the boundaries of imagination and suggest new directions that
    will connect them to existing traditions
  • Speak in colors and organize ideas in a uniform manner
  • Its distinctive nature is determined by the photographic and production
    patterns it uses




Our unique fusion of creativity and technology brings out the best results: inspiration and performance, design and execution