about the team

DYNAMIC and tailor made IDEAS

Oren Shemesh Segal The Director

CEO and founder of the company, a television director specialized in live broadcasting.
Director of complex live broadcasts to leading TV networks. International conference director all over the world, responsible for designing the visual experience of audiences in the hall and at home, in any part of the world, wherever they may be.

Harel Zohar Chief Producer

A leader in customer experience, A key producer at Fusion for the past six years, responsible for maximizing customer contact, understanding his needs, and planning the ask down to the last detail to ensure that he is completely satisfied.

Tom Rozensvig Producer

All the actual production arms, field and office, are interconnected by this thread.
Taking on special tasks anytime, anywhere and in any country, Tom is the man we turn to for our production management needs, while understanding the logistics component and keeping track of the system needs while properly integrating all the elements in the field.